We see through memory instead of the eyes. The sum of our experiences, mental images is both a framework but also the real material witch our visual perceptions are based.


I use macro photography as a tool of self-knowledge, of its own visual perceptions, memory and unconscious.

These images are not the result of some digital graphic elaboration: they are the result of research and experimentation between different types of light and solid, liquid, organic materials. I’ve omitted from the scenes any reference that identifies both the framed objects and the size of the scene itself, seeking a meeting point between real, surreal and hyper-real.

The genuineness of these images is perceived instinctively, so the lowest common denominator among viewers is the question "What is that?". Each image has its own footprint, my meaning i’ve found in them, but i purposely leave the viewer confused, alone with his own references and memory clues, offering him a reflection on them.

It all started with an analog camera, a jar of yogurt forgotten in the fridge, and a strong determination to achieve, in a world densely populated by photographers, an idea original and innovative.

This vision was born much earlier, from my myopia. Since childhood the horizon of the world that I could see clearly, without the aid of glasses, did not go beyond a few centimeters from my nose. Everything else was nebulous, undefined. With glasses, however, the world seemed distant, stored behind a screen. Only within that distance and without filters all seem real, solid, and real.

Take a look at the Macro results.


This field of experimentation started with my first smartphone, a new world with new rules. Low quality images, cheap lenses, microscopic sensor resolution, software bugs: all are welcome as interesting strange guest. Live effects, tons of post-production apps with the most strange affects, very welcome too.

To shot, manipolate and release on Instagram in short time, perfectionism it's not allowed here. To explore new possibilities and create something new, that no one before was even thinking it's possibile.

I got many ideas from this field, found strong symbols like the stairs, the mountains, the stagnant water, and continued to reasearch about the light itself. I've used techniques like 4 sided symmetry to create new perspectives, negative colors to change the reality without touching it but only moving the reference points, 2 sided symmetry on natural materials like wood and crystals to leverage the pareidolia mechanism to create images of spirts and ancestors that lives inside us as personal and collective unconscious heritage.

Take a look at the Smart results.

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